Polo IT Consulting

Polo iT is prepared to enhance
your operation with robust solutions for your company

Consultancy on security, availability,
and performance

A Polo IT desenvolveu uma metodologia de diagnóstico para o seu ambiente que envolve os 3 pilares básicos


Analysis and resolution of performance problems for systems and queries;


Infrastructure analysis for high availability and parameter settings;


Implementation of security improvements and assessments for risk-related analyzes

Diagnostic Methodology in Database Environment – GDPR

Parameterization adjustments, improvements implementations and security assessments for analyzes related to security risks and market requirements, such as certifying agencies and GDPR

Business Intelligence
and Development Consulting

Polo iT is prepared to enhance your operation with robust solutions, for large, medium and small companies, through the development of a business intelligence tool specific to the customer, with the aim of transforming their data into intelligent information, for decision making in an accessible, analytical, fast and secure way.

Supported Technologies


Highly qualified and certified team, composed of scientists and data analysts, BI analysts, DBAs and developers, who can guarantee a high level delivery

Consultancy guarantee with Polo iT:

Punctual deliveries and stages

Alignment with customer expectations

Data modeling tools