Cloud Infrastructure

Impartial, Polo iT is the ideal partner
to design, migrate, administer and monitor
your cloud infrastructure

Cloud Infrastructure Administration


Strategy and Planning

We will analyze your current ecosystem in order to detect the main characteristics of your application involving platform, access model, integrations and tools used, in order to choose the best cloud model available and compatible with your business. Scenarios, models and risks involved will be discussed in order to arrive at the best possible alternative, with guaranteed viability;



Based on our previous expertise in hundreds of successful projects, we will be able to improve the architecture used or adapt it to the new model used in the infrastructure. Legacy systems, complex structures and hybrid technologies often need to be adapted to the cloud



The change from a productive environment to the cloud demands sophisticated implementation strategies, to minimize, to the maximum, the downtime of the applications and to have control over the modifications made. Often, this step requires many different phases of change, where the logistics of access, use, load, communication link, interoperability between systems and data migration and movement techniques must be taken into account



We take care of your environment wherever it is! Often, the journey to the cloud requires new expertise related to resource management in the new environment. We are prepared to monitor, in real time, the entire infrastructure involving provisioning, 24×7 monitoring, resource scheduling, failover, databases and backups

Supported Technologies

oracle CLOUD
oracle_engneered systems

With solutions that permeate all layers of the cloud project

Cloud infrastructure services from Oracle Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS
Our team will be able to assist you in the following stages of the process: choosing the best platform to dimension, migrate and sustain the contracted environments.

Cloud infrastructure solutions

Backup and recovery

The solutions are designed to offer secure, scalable and durable storage for companies that want to achieve efficiency and scalability in their backup and recovery environments, without the need for a local infrastructure

Your Secure Data

Security certifications allow you to maintain compliance with your data. Encryption standards allow data that is not currently used to be encrypted to ensure data security. It is possible to create private subnets for database and application servers, to enable greater control of the security of your workloads to the critical mission

No additional provisioning is required

Storage solutions allow you to pay only for what you need. It does not require capacity planning, advance purchase of capacity and substantial upfront payments. You get the benefits of storage solutions, without the initial investment and worry of setting up and maintaining a local system.

You control where your data is

Storage solutions allow you to choose the region in which your data resides, with the aim of minimizing latency and costs, and meeting regulatory requirements. Our customers have complete control over your data, with multiple regions and different availability zones, which distribute data between zones, to offer greater protection and flexibility for where you decide to store it.

Advantages and benefits of cloud computing

Pay only for what you need

Instead of investing substantially in datacenters and servers, before you know how they will be used, you can pay only when you consume computing resources and for the amount consumed.

Pare de adivinhar a capacidade

In the cloud computing environment, additional IT resources are available in just one click, meaning that the time required to make these resources available to developers is reduced from weeks to just minutes

Torne-se global em minutos

Easily deploy your application to multiple regions, worldwide, with just a few clicks. This means that you can offer lower latency and a better experience to your customers, simply and at an affordable cost.